Monday, February 18, 2008

What I've learned so far

I need to reboot my system - hence the blog title

Years of yo-you dieting, stress and insanity has brought me to this point.

I'm not eating enough and yet I gain weight, so the diet thing isn't working. I've got to address my metabolic issues as well as stress levels etc.

Robin's going to help me with that.

We met for 4 hours Saturday in a cafe.

I think the most startling think she pointed out, was my 'brain deadness' that happens occasionally is not just a fluke, it's a 'crash' symptom. I pride myself on the work I do (I run a charity) and my work in the community, and yes I go go go go until I drop. But that has to stop.

Yesterday, Sunday, I made mental notes of how I was feeling, physically and mentally. I noticed that I would lose words and brain function, when I hadn't eaten.

I was trying not to eat past 7 pm, but I was hungry. I loaded all my food information into Sparks People and sure enough, I'd only consumed 1415 calories, and the last time I was in a gym with a trainer (2006) he told me I needed 1800 a day for my weight. No wonder I was hungry. So I had a very healthy PBJP (peanut butter jam pita), protein!!! That did the trick. I tried and apple hours before but was still starving.

I still want to quit eating after 7 pm, but I guess I need more fuel during the day, and a decent supper doesn't make up for a lousy day all around.

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