Friday, February 29, 2008

Space Cadet

One of the side effects of adrenal failure is brain failure. Not in a dramatic medical sense, but in a concentration, "where the hell did my words go?" sense. Concentration is the first to go and trains of thought derail left right and centre.

Yesterday was a frustrating day. I had a lot of busy work to do, nothing that required super human thinking or creativity, but just a lot of things to clear off the 'to do' list. But I kept losing focus.

I was eating right, or I think so anyway. I did realize that trail mix is most likely a good road trip food, it's not so great as an actual meal. One quarter cup of trail mix at 190 calories is a lot of calories for not much filling. Super healthy with fruit and nuts and proteins, but just not filling enough.

Yesterday was another 11 hour day, starts at 8 am and goes to 9 pm. Everyone keeps telling me to slow down as that's part of the problem, but this is the demand of my world and what I want out of life.

I don't want to just work and go home, I want to be involved in my community.

But I knew by 6 pm I was crashing a bit and I needed to stop and eat a meal. Not grab some cut fruit at the grocery store with perhaps some nuts for protein. My body was screaming for food, I was cold and a bit brain foggy.

Being on the road is a challenge but I gave in and had Chinese food. I haven't plugged it into Spark People yet (the day is starting late due to some early morning errand running and I have my routine) so the 'damage' is yet to be seen. But I did drive past McDonald's and I think that was the right decision. I don't feel gross this morning so I know it wasn't terribly icky, and besides, if one meal can derail this whole process then I'm in more trouble than I realized.

They key is to work the plan over a few days, so as long as the average is there, then one blip isn't really going to mess things up.

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