Monday, February 18, 2008

The issues

I have adrenal failure

I'm not at the really scary stage on that page, but you get the idea.

Years of stress (single parenting, insane job, another insane job) and getting totally addicted to adrenal rushes. Yes I'm an adrenaline junkie! That's me out on the corner, near the dark alley pssst got any adrenalin?

I also apparently don't eat enough, so I'm constantly starving, and therefore relying on the chemicals in my body for energy, and that makes me 'crash and burn'.

I am also severely dairy intolerant. I usually say allergic but since it's a self diagnosis I should be correct and say 'intolerant'. Mind you when I'm out at a restaurant I like to leave the wait staff with a sense that should the tiniest speck of dairy even orbit my plate, I will explode immediately destroying the restaurant. Nothing like the fear of a medical emergency to make them pay attention.

In all honesty it takes about 12 hours to get through my system and then I just end up in considerable pain, in the bathroom and often doing a lot of laundry from not making it to the bathroom.

This allergy...I mean intolerance just started in 2004, and I believe is directly related to the stresses that took place that year - lost a job, lost a home, was homeless, lived with my parents, got a new job (good things are stressful too), moved again.....crash and burn!

2003 wasn't much better, stressful job, killed a Canadian icon, got a all adds up. We really don't understand the effects of stress as much as we should.

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