Monday, February 18, 2008


I just went and checked the Wiki page for more information. This is so me, it's scary


Tendency to gain weight and unable to lose it, especially around the waist. [totally me] High frequency of getting the flu and other respiratory diseases and these symptoms tend to last longer than usual. Tendency to tremble when under pressure. Reduced sex drive. [it's been so long who knows] Lightheaded when rising from a lying down position. Unable to remember things. [at the end of the day] Lack of energy in the mornings and also in the afternoon between 3 to 5 pm. [the afternoons yes - mornings, not so much] Feel better suddenly for a brief period after a meal. [totally clued into that Sunday, would be nice and warm, sweater off and then an hour later cold and sweater back on] Often feel tired between 9 - 10 pm, but resist going to bed. [again, total refusal to go to bed, don't want to give in and get 'old' and needing a new bed time (and miss Jon Steward and Colbert???)] Need coffee or stimulants to get going in the morning. [nope gave that up] Crave for salty, fatty, and high protein food such as meat and cheese. [especially if I've been behaving and not having 'junk' food - cravings go ^] Increase symptoms of PMS for women; period are heavy and then stop, or almost stopped on the 4th day, only to start flow again on the 5th or 6th day. Pain in the upper back or neck with no apparent reasons . [that's not from sitting at a computer all day?] Feels better when stress is relieved, such as on a vacation. [ need to look up word "vacation" in the dictionary] Difficulties in getting up in the morning Lightheaded

Other signs and symptoms include:
Mild depression, [occasionally - need to find sunshine] Food and or inhalant allergies, [yep] Lethargy and lack of energy, Increased effort to perform daily tasks, Decreased ability to handle stress, Dry and thin skin, Hypoglycemia, Low Body Temperature, [always had this] Nervousness, Palpitation, Unexplained hair loss, Alternating constipation and diarrhea, Dyspepsia.

Clinical views on hypoadrenia
Psychological conditions and mood disorders referenced above may be linked to hypoadrenia. Symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression could result from diminished adrenal stores, caused by prolonged exposure to a particular stressor (i.e. poverty) [ummm well duh! that's me too] or a series of stressful events occurring closely together (i.e. loss of job, divorce, and children ill). [son moved away, 2nd marriage ended, moved, job ended, homeless (there's that poverty thing), moved, new job (happy stress), bought a house, ended a relationship => all in the past 6 years] The adrenal gland, responsible among other functions for producing cortisol, when in constant use may produce cortisol over a long period of time, resulting in a high amount of cortisol in the bloodstream. Cortisol functions to return the body to a state of rest/repose after a stressor or fight/flight stimulus. An individual with low cortisol levels may demonstrate mood disorders as anxiety, depression or fatigue as a result of the increased cortisol present in the bloodstream. An indication that psychological conditions may be linked to the amount of cortisol is that the hypothalamus, or master gland, is shared by both the nervous system and the endocrine system; endocrine system containing the adrenal gland and hormone cortisol

I'm speechless reading this - this is my life - where's the section on 'fixing' this???

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