Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting organized

As with changes, sometimes it's hard to make them because there isn't time to get organized. This week was incredibly busy and I was out Tuesday and Wednesday nights on top of working all day. So this weekend I got some grocery shopping done and some cooking - food in the freezer.

Eating 6-300 to 400 calorie meals per day takes co-ordination. I know I'm doing well with a good breakfast - I just love oatmeal (not being sarcastic, I love homemade real oatmeal) but I get writing or busy and suddenly it's 11 am and and I'm closing in on lunch faster than I realized and I haven't eaten since 8 am.

So I cooked up a huge batch of brown rice and froze it in plastic containers, so that I can just plunk stuff on top and then I'll have quick easy meals to heat up.

My son made rice krispie squares on Friday and I've managed to avoid those. With the food allergy I can avoid junk food by only allowing dairy containing junk food in the house, but I can eat rice krispies. Why do allow junk food at all? Because I don't want food to be a negative, a punishment or part of a control issue. For kids, and young adults, a cookie here and there won't hurt.

Lunch was a challenge yesterday, I munched away on a pile of raw carrots but it wasn't enough, was still starving. Had to get into the peanut butter and something more substantial before the shaking stopped.

As for the protein shakes (as in powder, not as in convulsions) I'm going to try and leave them to one last thing at night, and for road trips and other circumstances where access to healthy food might be an issue. Such as Thursday when I was to run a quick errand and be back for lunch only to get delayed - got offered lunch but without my food allergy going to the chef I wasn't about to attempt anything - and then got back to the first meeting and lunch was all cleaned up. Thank goodness I had thrown the powder into a water bottle and could get something into me.

I was dying when I got home though.

I haven't hit the scales to see if anything is changing yet, way too early. But I have energy today. I slept really well, and perhaps that is a sign that Saturday's efforts of eating right, helped immediately.

I also added Ortho Adapt to my supplements.

Next week Robin is going to start me on the physical aspect of my journey.

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