Monday, February 18, 2008

Supplements and efforts

I have seen a Naturopath and she was the one who formally diagnosed me. I've also been helped a lot by my chiropractor, Dr. Moona, but these therapies take $$$$$ and spending $$$ stresses me out, since I don't have any, or not enough.

But I am managing to stay on top of my supplements, adding a few others recommend, I'll try anything.

code: B - Breakfast, L - Lunch, S - Dinner (gotcha) OK Supper

2 multi vitamins - B
Chromium - B L
250 mg B6 - B
Acidophilus and bifidus - BS
1000 UI Vit. D - B
Norwegian Kelp - BLS
T110 - BL
Milk Thistle - BLS
Vits. B&C 600 mg - L
1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil - B, bedtime

I'm also do a protein shake at 2 pm and just before bed.

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