Thursday, March 13, 2008


See, you start all go go go go and then you get slowing down and the whole motivation wanes as you go from excited about a new life, to actually having to do the fricken work to make it happen.

So the bloom is off the rose and this is now work.


Someone pass me the "easy button".

When I said I wanted to create balance in my life, make positive changes for my health, I wanted to fit that in and around my current lifestyle.

But noooo apparently my lifestyle is part of the problem [sense the sarcasm in this post - it's there].

So when Robin says slow down, what she really means is "slow down" rather than "wow you work really hard". And when she says make time to sort out your food so you can eat more regularly and healthier, she doesn't mean "grab leftovers and an apple when you head out the door in the morning".

If I'd known this was going to be work......

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