Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The coffeemaker is not working...

The worse part about listening to your body, is that when you listen, it really can yell at you. I want to go back to the days when I refused to listen until it mutinied and I fell down.

Ok not really, but making lifestyle adjustments is work.

Yesterday I helped run a workshop. I was a presenter as well as a the person in charge of coffee...the coffeemaker is not working...we had over 50 people at the workshop (I ended up standing most of the day as a result)...the coffeemaker is not working...which ran from 9:30-3:00...the coffeemaker is not working...

I had to move the coffeemaker eventually and we didn't get coffee on until the first break...the coffeemaker is not working...ok, minor panic, but still a bit more stress than I needed.

I'd gotten up an hour early so I could get the last minute photocopying done, and eat breakfast. Is it really de-stressing to have to lose sleep so you can eat breakfast?

I know Robin, it is.

I brought half a dozen boiled eggs with me and a cucumber and some salad. Everyone else was having sandwiches and with my food allergies I can't do store bought bread. I'd hope to grab an egg or two at morning coffee break but ...the coffeemaker is not working...

I managed to eat lunch, in between making more and more coffee, when you can only make 8 cups at a time....

I tell you by the time 2:30 rolled around I was beat, but certainly not done.

An event meeting at 4:30, McD's for the kids, simply because there was no time and they needed to eat, bowl of oatmeal for yours truly and out the door to take son to the Employment Trade Show.

I finally was able to take my shoes off at 7:00 pm.

Normally on a day like that I could dig deep and count on the chemical rush to get me through the day. But I'm not suppose to do that anymore. I'm suppose to fuel properly, pace myself and take it one step at a time.

That takes co-ordination and work, not laziness and drive.

It's a whole new way of living, and it's taking some learning.

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