Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's the weekend

In some ways this is good -> relaxing, downtime, no deadlines
In other ways this is risky -> no structure, kids munch all day long, get lazy

The way I get around this is to only have junk food I can't eat in the house, and I set goals for what needs to get done around the house.

The workouts must be doing something because I got totally restless at one point and was trying to stretch in all sorts of weird directions. You know you're doing something when you start hunting for a medieval 'rack' to pull you apart.

Saturday was quiet and a do-nothing day. Today is get organized, laundry, clean and finish a presentation that I need to print off for a workshop for Monday. Not too stressful, just busy.

The biggest challenge on the weekend is to eat every 3 hours or so.

I did boil up a dozen eggs so I can grab them quick and make some egg salad wraps *yummy* for lunch. The key here is to label them so the kid's don't go cooking and get messed up with boiled eggs!!

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