Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The day after

Well yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, and I didn't drink any green beer or such.

Now to get through Easter intact. It's not too hard since I can't eat chocolate, but I am an emotional eater, so I pout when everyone else is eating chocolate and I can't, so I'll go find something equally unhealthy just to join in the fun.

I have to really watch myself this week. It's a case of knowing myself well.

I have been working really hard to establish a good work life balance, and with no staff, that's gone out the window. Yes it's a crisis and we are working to a resolution, but with our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, a press conference to launch an initiative as well as a meeting with all our funded agencies it's taking a lot lot prep work and I'm strung out.

By the time Good Friday hits I'll have had one day off in 17. Certainly not the work life balance I've been hoping for.

But once we get through this week, the decisions we are making, will come into play and things should settle down.

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