Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's been a long time

Days became weeks, and then it almost became pointless, but that's just the negativity talking.

As life goes forward we often hit bumps, and that last one was a big one. I can't talk about it, as that wouldn't be fair to those involved. I can't even complain about it for the same reasons.

But we've settled down from a level 10 crisis to a level 8 crisis. Not much has changed, it's just that how I'm coping has been decided, and others have come on board to help out.

For someone who suffers from a stress related disorder, the past few weeks have been tough.

But the chiropractor has been awesome! Really helping me out.

Robin was fantastic, she recognized what was going on and stood back, and let me focus on what fires I needed to put out. She never tried to pressure me in to keeping up with the plan, she just let me cope, and now it's settling down, we're getting back on track, no guilt.

I kept up my 6 - 300 calorie meals as much as possible and it really did help me sustain myself through this time period. I didn't succumb to the temptation to eat my troubles away, as they don't go away when you do that.

But spring has also arrived and the sunshine, snowdrops and slow awakening of the garden fills my heart with hope and passion for the coming days.

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Creatrix said...

I really wish to hear from you again. Your insight is refreshing.